Thursday, 12 November 2015

Serendipidy or synchronisity?

Serendipity or synchronicity??  Kerry Cannon has done it again, tapping into the ether to predict a significant event, this time in the hallowed traditions of racing.

Our life sized girl jockey was installed at the Park just a few weeks before Michelle Payne won the Melbourne Cup; the first female jockey to win such a prestigious event.

 ‘Most Improved’ is the title of our girl and her feelings about her trophy are shown with a discreet puff of wind at her rear..

Always polite but not as discreet, Michelle let go at the racing fraternity about the difficulties faced by excellent female jockeys to gain a chance to ride in the top races. She accused racing of being “a chauvinistic sport.”

‘Best Improved’ is a topical comment on our times by the master of astute commentary, Kerry Cannon.