Thursday, 12 November 2015

Serendipidy or synchronisity?

Serendipity or synchronicity??  Kerry Cannon has done it again, tapping into the ether to predict a significant event, this time in the hallowed traditions of racing.

Our life sized girl jockey was installed at the Park just a few weeks before Michelle Payne won the Melbourne Cup; the first female jockey to win such a prestigious event.

 ‘Most Improved’ is the title of our girl and her feelings about her trophy are shown with a discreet puff of wind at her rear..

Always polite but not as discreet, Michelle let go at the racing fraternity about the difficulties faced by excellent female jockeys to gain a chance to ride in the top races. She accused racing of being “a chauvinistic sport.”

‘Best Improved’ is a topical comment on our times by the master of astute commentary, Kerry Cannon.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Here at Ceramic Break we have many birds visiting as it is the time of year for the birds and the bees to do their thing. Kerry enjoys watching the little tweeties fly around, finding material to build their nests, generally working their little feathery butts off and sometimes spending too much time flying into the studio hoping the ideal nest site is there.

Kerry's next bronze is a cat. To be precise, it is a cat being stretched out to show its body to the judges in a cat show. The owner is laughing but a laugh uses the same muscles as a grimace and sometimes is is difficult to tell the difference.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

New Beginnings from Bundjalung- Brian Irving.

The Art opening here at Ceramic Break on the long weekend was a corker. The sun shone, the artists glowed and everyone had a rip snorting time. Our Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall, officially opened the proceedings saying that he has been following Brian's work for a long time and likes the way it is evolving. We were lucky to welcome back, Fabio Tolli from Armidale. His music was both fabulous to listen to and even attracted some of the audience onto the dance floor of grass, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Now the fuss and palaver of Christmas and New Year is over Kerry is hard at work in the studio on the final composition in the series ‘Polar Bear’.

It is a highly complex narrative, set in a seal resort, somewhere in Mexico.
There are seals sunning, body surfing and just hanging out as all leisure seekers do. A sombrero wearing polar bear wanders the resort carrying souvenirs in a huge basket. There is a touch of violence with polar bear guards attacking a polar bear that is trying to eat a seal and there are whale and human bones in abundance.

Symbolism, metaphors, social comment and good old Kerry imagination abounds.

The composition is called ‘Huesos’ in Spanish (bones in English) and will be finished soon.