Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Flaming Giraffe

In days of old, when knights were bold and times were full of laughs
Creative Kerry, so hip and merry created tall giraffes.
Now these steel beings, so full of meanings arcane and full of wonder,
Had flames fly high to light the sky, delight the crowds down under.

But sad to say there came a day when mechanisms failed them
And so for years despite the tears there was no fun or flaming.
Then all at once ‘Oh what a dunce’ said Kerry all excited
‘She will be cleaned, her pipes all reamed, and she can then be lighted’

Kalloo, kallay, oh what a day when FG  was re-lighted
We sang, we shout, we danced about and we were all delighted.

 A few days ago there was a gathering at Ceramic Break to witness and toast the Flaming Giraffe's rebirth. It was a glorious occasion and the evening was further enhanced by the chance arrival of an old friend. A photographer of many years, Val took some amazing photos, one of which is on the blog, and she was moved to write her own appraisal of the evening. 
'Beneath a full moon we wait.
Ears cold. Toes numb.
Collective intake of breath. The eyes glow red.
Gasps at the flicker of blue. Flames erupt from the head.
Cries of delight. The neck is ablaze.
We cheer.
Dali's giraffe in full metal jacket actually alight.
Behold the splendour of Dali.     Val



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