Monday, 9 June 2014

Aboriginal Show at Ceramic Break

Our opening at Ceramic Break yesterday Sunday 8th June was a great day; lots of fabulous art and lots of fabulous people. We are privileged to be exhibiting " Me and my Country" the paintings of Lloyd Nolan Hornsby Gawura, a Koori descendant of the Yuin people and "Coastal Creatures" by Nick Levy a Kamiloroi man from Armidale.
Lloyd's paintings includes a number of 'cosmic' or creation views which are absolutely stunning and as I stood in front of one piece, gazing into the depths, I felt I was drawn deep into the cosmos. Another of his very large canvases was a painting of the year Lake Eyre filled and the helicopter flight Lloyd and his wife Wendy took over the area was shown in a series of fine white lines.
Lloyd is an indefatigable traveller, driving for over 6 hours from Brisbane to Ceramic Break twice in one week, to deliver his work and to be at the opening where his artist's talk and willingness to chat delighted all of the attendees.

Nick's work is wonderfully colourful, exciting and very uplifting.  He is fascinated by the coast and its creatures and that is evident in his show. I particularly liked two pieces, one a pair of ecstatically joyous fish and one a glorious depiction of, maybe, the rainbow serpent. All of Nick's paintings lift the spirits.
This is the Lizard Queen's Assistant.

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