Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Glass House opening in Arizona

The Glass House opened on Sunday at the Rancho Linda Vista Gallery in Oracle Arizona. Everyone who came loved the bronzes which glistened and glowed in their well-polished beauty. People came from as far away as New Jersey and Texas and many places in between.

On St Patrick’s Day, Friday March 17, the new publication, The Glass House will be launched at the same Gallery. Be there and have your book of the series autographed by the artist himself. 

This is the third publication that we have done of Kerry’s bronze series. The others are Alchemy, golden dreams come true and The Frost Giants.

This is Kerry’s first show in Arizona and the enthusiasm of the crowd suggested this may not be the last.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Impala

Kerry has been working on The Impala for nearly two years. It is much larger than the reality and is a beautiful animal covered in signs and symbols of the African continent and civilizations.

Creativity is an incredible thing and Kerry has explored African culture in many ways, some not as easy to identify as others. But he has enjoyed himself.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Washing,waxing and having fun..

To look their best bronzes need to be maintained, especially in a hot and humid climate. Recently Kerry had the pleasure of visiting a few of his bronzes in a private collection in Texas and he was quick to don rubber gloves and get down to business. Texans like to work hard and party later. My lips are sealed about the later.


                                             Aung San Sui Chee

     The Pinata.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Warialda HSC 2016

Seeing their art work hanging in a professional gallery is an excellent experience for young artists and for several years, after their exams have finished, the HSC Art students of Warialda High School have exhibited their final works at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park. We believe in encouraging young artists and their families and in November, family and friends were able to view the students' art work in one of our galleries. Congratulations to the students for an excellent show and thanks to Nerida, Barbara and Sharon for their time to organise and hang the work.

Visitors and artists.

The Artists

HSC Art teacher Sharon Gilmore and Nerida Hansen

Saturday, 29 October 2016

What is happening at the Park

                  In place and playful the Crows need just a little paint and they will be finished.

It has been hectic at the Park over the last few weeks.  An opening, general organisation, welcoming new staff and fare-welling old. On that subject, more anon.

The opening was great. Robyne Berling's art was as beautiful as always, pleasing to the eye and joyful to the soul. The artist's talk by Peter Cannon was fabulous and gave us all a chance to discuss his approach and ideas. Peter's works were not easy to view, though some contained 'light' and maybe comic comments in a dark world. It wasn't a one way discussion either as he put this blogger on the spot to further define the question asked.. Phew..

The show is there for a few more weeks. If you like beauty and having your own ideas challenged, this is the show to see.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Kerry in Sculpture in the Garden.

Sculptures in the Garden at Mudgee is one of the largest outdoor sculpture events in rural N.S.W. and was held on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October. Over 50 artists were involved as was Kerry with his amusing piece, ‘Mrs. Wright and her cat’.

It seems Mrs. Wright was a real person who was perceived by all as a rather dour woman until she showed you her cat.  She was amazingly proud of her cat and would elongate it to show its beauty. The cat, as can be seen in Kerry’s bronze portrait of the pair, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Mrs. Wright’s feelings are open to your interpretation.  Everyone who passed by the piece was taken by it and its history and was amused by the insider information given when Kerry was interviewed. 

Kay and Gerald Norton-Knight, their family and the many supporters who gave of their time and skills are to be applauded for their incredible organization and the artists for displaying their considerable talent.

Monday, 29 August 2016

The Dancing Crows

On a hill high above Ceramic Break Sculpture Park, two crows are dancing and singing
 under a crescent moon.
What fun!
And what an adventure to move such large pieces.
To Be Continued.